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Welcome to our Online Learning Community!  Our mission is to empower you to improve your health, wellness, longevity, fitness, and performance.  Our tools are the wisdom passed down through tai chi, qigong, and other MindBody traditions, combined with the best practices and insights of modern science.

What We Do:

We provide high quality educational and instructional content, both live and pre-recorded.  Inside you will find live weekly classes, daily exercise videos, a complete step-by-step video curriculum, and more, to accelerate your lifelong Mindbody Mastery journey.  We are committed to giving you the tools for lifelong continual and never ending improvement.

By joining our Online Learning Community you can get detailed instruction and personal support for establishing your own Personal Daily Mindbody Energetic Hygiene Practice, a combination of gentle exercise, breathwork, and meditation that will help you maintain baseline physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  In addition, you can use it at will to refresh, rejuvenate, recharge, and revitalize your entire Mind-Body-Energy system.

If you've ever wanted to learn how to manage your state and take charge of your health, fitness, wellbeing, and performance, now is the perfect time!

Membership Levels:

BASIC MEMBERSHIP: Access to our complete pre-recorded training curriculum & discussion forum.  Complete the course at your own pace and ask questions as you go along.

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: Access to our complete pre-recorded training curriculum AND our Premium Members Area which includes live weekly classes and more.  Join and contribute to the group energy field and receive personal attention and feedback to support your lifelong MindBody Mastery journey.
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