Elightenment Teacher Community

Elightenment Teacher Community

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I often here that online learning doesn't allow the same quality of "in person". I disagree. Online learning can be more effective than instructor led if delivered in the right way. That is the premise of this community. We are giving teachers the tools and resources they need to effectively deliver online classes and see tangible outcomes as a result.

You can log on to the community discussion board day or night to share your progress, seek advice, and help other community members with their struggles. 

Each week, new videos, audio files, and handouts will be posted to support you to develop a committed yoga practice.

The community meets for bi-weekly videoconference calls with the staff and leadership at Elightenment. You will discuss the obstacles preventing you from moving forward, and  share what you have learned to help others in the class overcome their challenges. The call is recorded if you are unable to attend..