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gabb Holistic Health Business Coaching

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Stand out in an oversaturated market. In this community, you will be personally mentored as you transition from your day job to a full time career in holistic health. You will be guided to create an umbrella business that combines all of your unique interests and successfully market, whether using social media (such as Instagram) or low risk ways to earn money without spending it. 

Each community member receives one on one consultations to set goals and track their progress against those goals.

You can log on to the community discussion board day or night to share your progress, seek advice, and help other community members with their struggles. 

Each week, new videos, audio files, and handouts will be posted to support you to develop an ethical holistic health business you can be proud of.

The community meets for bi-weekly videoconference calls with teacher Suzanne Dulin. You will discuss the obstacles preventing you from moving forward, and  share what you have learned to help others in the class overcome their challenges. The call is recorded if you are unable to attend.

About Your Teacher

Suzanne Dulin, MEng, has taught yoga for 20 years. She holds a Masters in Engineering Management, a program which teaches business startup. Suzanne Dulin is also an e-learning professional, video producer, and author of numerous helpful books. She uses formal project management techniques to complete large learning projects and teaches others the tools to finish creative projects of their own. She is a sales coach who teaches how to create a business based on strong relationships. Her lessons are elegantly structured so that students can apply what they are learning from each class to their own practice.