Heart Centered Relationships - elightenment

Heart Centered Relationships

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This will be a mix of live and recorded trainings. The intention is to create a community of learning and sharing. Theory will be taught and will be followed by instructor lead and peer practice sessions. Discussion forum will be available for questions. The community will be about developing a practice of ahimsa (nonviolence) in the way we think and speak. This way we approach all relationships with love and compassion.

The most important relationship is the relationship with yourself. Unfortunately this is the most difficult relationship to work on. By starting on easier to work with relationships and building to the more difficult you will learn to love and accept yourself. Then dealing with others becomes much easier. This is a simple technique that can bring immediate benefits. This practice takes mindfulness to a whole new level. Imagine being able to be in a calm meditative state in the middle of a conflict! 

Jeff Tretsven was interested in Gandhi's philosophy of ahimsa and thought he was practicing it by eating vegetarian, being a nice person and not watching movies that had gratuitous violence in them. When he discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) he realized this was the missing piece.  NVC is how to demonstrate ahimsa in the way you speak and listen. Jeff is passionate about teaching and practicing NVC.

During the many trainings with more than 25 certified NVC trainers Jeff saw one method that really got his attention. He saw the participants develop their skill level much more than any of the other trainings he experienced. This was the mediation immersion training. It was a combination of classroom theory and demonstrations followed by weekly peer practice sessions with clearly defined practices and methods for giving quality feedback.