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Danny turned to yoga in 1991 to help settle his mind after serving in the Gulf War.
Healing happened and his yoga practice stopped. He rekindled his affair with yoga in 1995 looking for a new physical challenge. The affair turned to love as he felt his physical practice turn into a spiritual awakening. This awakening has kept him connected to the mat ever since.  

After years of unfulfilled corporate work Danny left California for a year long road trip throughout the US and Mexico to “rediscover” himself. This newfound clarity led him to Nepal where he taught Nepali's to fly airplanes in the Himalayas'. Once there, he searched throughout his village of Bharatpur for a yoga studio to no avail. Inspired by conversations with his students, he started teaching yoga in the flight school airplane hangar. The "Asana Courses" in B.K.S. Iyengar's "Light on Yoga" would be his teaching guide. After a year in Nepal he headed back to the U.S. and settled in Chicago. Through his travels he discovered what he wanted out of life. To seek! To teach! "The peaks of joy I've experience in seeing a student achieve their ‘next level’ is a driving force in my life. Using my knowledge and experiences to help others grow is as where it's at for me."  

Influenced by the teachings of Janet Stone, Max Strom, and Gabriel Halpern, Danny creates a fun-filled learning environment loaded with energy and message that will be sure to touch you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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