USAID Case Study

Client: USAID Case Study


In order to illustrate the importance of online learning, Senior Education Technology Specialist at USAID Tony Bloome explained that development professionals must gather evidence to prove the promising opportunities of technology and education that will help us make this case. Initial evidence from the U.S. Education Department has shown a slight learning retention gain by using a blended combination of online and in-person learning activities.


Meeting the needs of this project required a broader understanding of cultures and languages. Elightenment Learning, Inc. working in partnership with Creative Associates developed a multi-media learning platform along with course development set in SCORM. The LMS was based on Moodle, and while it contained a variety of customizations, the Moodle core remained intact to provide for future upgrades. Courses were designed in multiple languages for ease of delivery and to ensure students were able to focus on content rather than language barriers.