Balance Hormones Naturally

Balance Hormones Naturally

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This is a lively interactive class with additional tips customized for attendees.  In order to provide a comfortable setting and to ensure privacy, this is a LIVE class and no recordings will be available.  Plenty of time for Q & A.  Time Zone- Eastern (NYC)

In this one hour class learn tools to:

-Find Relief during PMS & Menopause

-Help with Weight Loss

-Stop being too cold or too hot

-Help stabilize your blood pressure

-Help stabilize your moods and soothe your anxiety

-Have more Energy!

This class will provide some tools to balance the body's energy systems, by tapping into the body's natural healing ability.  Using powerful simple techniques that work quickly and easily, stress becomes more manageable and less challenging.

Handouts will be emailed. Your choice of attending:  Thursday, March 11th at 7pm OR Monday, April 5 at 1pm.  Zoom link will be provided just prior to class start time and signed Release Form needs to be received before class begins.

This class is not intended to replace the advice of medical professionals.