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Turn your store into an online learning platform by harnessing the powerful systems of Shopify and Moodle (Moodle is a free, open-source learning management system). Build comprehensive courses in Moodle and robust product pages in Shopify. When a student purchases a course in Shopify, they are automatically enrolled in the course in Moodle. Expiration dates for enrollment can be set as well. All using a single account (created in Shopify).

How will my customers find their purchased courses?

All of their purchased courses will be on their Dashboard and can be accessed from there.

Do I need a Moodle site?

Yes. To use this app you will need both a Shopify store and a Moodle site. You can host your own or contact us for hosting.

Can I Still Use All My Shopify Features?

You can use all of the features of Shopify and apps in the Marketplace. There are no limitations.

Can I Still Use All My Moodle Features?

Absolutely. We even provide documentation so that you can set up ‘Single Sign-On’ (accounts created on Shopify are synced with Moodle for single-sign on) between the two sites for seamless integration.

Sign up and turn your store into a learning and teaching platform.

For a limited time, we will be offering to install it for you at no cost.