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So many online resources provide only a one way communication. Watch the video and follow along. We believe there are many more opportunities through our "community" approach. We've created an engaging platform that allows you to interact with your students and for them to interact with each other, creating a true community. As an instructor, you:

  • Free Zoom account built in to the platform so you can livestream
  • Forums so your students can connect outside of class
  • video uploads so you can share your recordings
  • File uploads so you can share materials
  • 0% processing fees to handle student payments
  • Scheduler so your students can book private sessions with you
  • Use your studio waiver for students to agree to directly on the platform
  • Get amazing support and assistance setting up and managing your community
  • A reliable platform so you never have to worry about your community not being available.
  • Shared marketing effort as we partner with you.
  • And much more....

How are we different?

Our difference is based on two key areas. First, we are not just about your students watching videos and reading content. We believe in building true communities. Yours will have a strong emphasis on live classes, discussions, and ways for students to talk to you and to each other.

Second, we are a learning platform, not a series of webpages. So that means you have a number of resources available to you to ensure your students are learning and going deeper into their practice. As well, you have at your disposal a team of instructional designers that can help you throughout your time with us. We are as close as an instant message, phone call, or email away.

How much does it cost?

After the initial set up fee (300.00), we only ask for 10% of the monthly sign ups you get. You set your own pricing and can change it at any time. As well, we provide the video platform, all the tools to manage your community, and the support of our staff and developers. Our goal is to make this the most pleasant experience so you can focus on the teaching. We handle all the platform and administrative details, you simply focus on your teaching.

What about my content?

All of the content remains yours. We do not claim any ownership. Should you decide to cancel, all of your content will be removed. If we would like to to use any for marketing purposes, we will request your permission well ahead of time.