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If you would like to learn yoga in  structured, organized way, join this community and get started. You will progress step by step in your understanding of the study of yoga. Start at the beginning, with a complete explanation of the terms, tools, and fundamentals of yoga. You will gain a fluid understanding of yoga in your own body and mind.

You can log on to the community discussion board day or night to share your progress, seek advice, and help other community members with their struggles. 

Each week, new videos, audio files, and handouts will be posted to support you to develop a committed yoga practice.

The community meets for bi-weekly videoconference calls with teacher Suzanne Dulin. You will discuss the obstacles preventing you from moving forward, and  share what you have learned to help others in the class overcome their challenges. The call is recorded if you are unable to attend.

About Your Teacher

Suzanne Dulin is an officially authorized Freedom Yoga teacher. A long time student of yoga master Erich Schiffmann’s, her teaching focuses on providing the specific tools to help you gain the confidence to act from your own deep knowing. Suzanne has extensively studied Iyengar, Anusara, and Kripalu styles of yoga.  

Suzanne Dulin is a learning professional. Her lessons are elegantly structured so that students can apply what they are learning from each class to their own practice.