Yogi Wandering Private Sessions

Yogi Wandering Private Sessions

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Yoga is an art. While there are many physical benefits, there is much more to gain from yoga mentally and spiritually. In this community, we will have weekly live sessions (you can schedule with your availability and we will be recording them for your practice later), a forum to get to know others through the chats, and ask questions and get feedback through the forums. I will also be adding additional materials and videos to help you grow in your practice. As I focus on TaoYin (Yin Yoga), I will also integrate components of Tai Chi and Qi Gong based on your needs and what will enhance your practice. I also believe that yoga is designed to prepare you for mediation (in fact, it can be a moving meditation itself). As such, I integrate meditation into the practice as well as some of my philosophical understandings of the practice. There are so many facets to it. Don't feel overwhelmed as yoga is a journey, not a race. Relax, enjoy, and grow in your practice. I will be beside you in this journey. 

Excited to share this journey with you.

NOTE: The pricing includes four individual sessions a month (1 hour each), plus unlimited access to the community and all its resources. Want more than four sessions a month? No worries, we can accommodate you.

About Me...

I began my journey in martial arts when I was 12 years old. I took my first class in Okinawan style. As the years passed, I have learned Japanese, Cambodian, and Kalaripayanttu (Indian martial arts). Each brings its own gems and benefits. At 45 years old, having completed my black belt in my second Okinawan style (Shitu Ryu), I was looking for a style that would create a real paradigm shift in my martial arts.

I was introduced to Tai Chi a year later. I began taking classes and studying its classics. Its a world within itself that encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. To the dedicated student, it really is a lifestyle. It goes beyond the physical to challenge you to grow on so many levels. In so many ways, it has challenged me like no other martial art has.

I have been practicing yoga, as well, now for 10 years. I specialize in Vinyasa, Yin, TaoYin, and others.

I have become a lifetime student of, not only martial, yoga, and internal arts, but meditation, mindfulness, and personal training.


  • black belt in Okinawan style
  • 200 hr RYT with Yoga Alliance
  • member International Association of Yoga Therapists
  • member American Tai Chi and Qigong Association
  • Masters of Divinity (Columbia International University)
  • Doctor of Education candidate (Oklahoma State University)