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Your Personal Wellvolution

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Join this ongoing, “focused-on-all-things health”, group and get started on your journey toward optimal wellness today. We will begin at the foundational level discussing the basic principles of health from a functional wellness perspective, such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, the environment and detoxification, mindfulness and the importance of fun, and how they impact our health. We will then progress to more advanced wellness practices and discussions such as understanding mold toxicity, maximizing our mitochondria, balancing our hormones, parasites, etc. Interspersed within the curriculum are fun exercises, and other educational material drawing from yoga, Ayurveda, energy work, tapping, heart math, chakra balancing, self-massage, essential oils, meditation, guided visualizations, herbs, functional tests and lab work, and much, much more. Janis has been in the health field since 1975, so she has a lot of experience and expertise to share with you that will help you progress rapidly on your personal wellness journey in body, mind and spirit. You will have full access to all of the associated resources, including personal assessments, handouts and questionnaires, recipes, as well as live classes, and discussion boards.

The like-minded community will meet as a group in a live video conference format twice a month for an hour with Janis Pulliam as your teacher, coach and guide. New content will be presented and there will be time for limited discussion. You will be able to log into the functional wellness community discussion board 24-hours a day where you can interact with Janis and other community members about your progress, your challenges, ask advice from other members in the group, or assist others on their wellness journey. The calls will be recorded for those who are unable to attend the live calls. Your success will be determined by your implementation of these health practices into your life. And if you do implement these practices in your life, your life and your health will change for the better! Join the Wellvolution today! We are happy you are here.